Motto/Corporate Philosophy


“Be a company worth existing”

A company’s worth arises only when it is useful to society.

Corporate Philosophy

  1. To be a development-driven company
    Using our unique technology, we develop and sell machines that do not exist in the world.
  2. To be an international company
    Our market is the whole world.
  3. To be an independent company
    We will remain an independent company not belonging to any conglomeration.

Rheon Group Code of Conduct

  1. We engage in fair, transparent, and free competition and appropriate business transactions based on a spirit of compliance with the law.
  2. We value customer service above all else, are courteous, and act from the customer’s point of view.
  3. We respect the individuality of each and every employee, create vibrant workplaces that are motivating to employees and enable them to fulfill their potential, and strive to facilitate richness for each.
  4. We have passion and pride in our work, always pursue high goals, and continue to grow.
  5. We strive to preserve the environment and actively promote social contribution activities.
  6. We eliminate waste and concentrate on the work that needs to be done.