We recognize the importance of protecting personal information and have established a Privacy Policy (a basic policy concerning the protection of personal information) to ensure that our users can browse the Company website with peace of mind.

Use of Personal Information

On the Company website, with your consent, we collect personal information that includes your name, title, company name, e-mail address, address, and other personal information, or parts thereof. We use this information to provide you with information and other services at your request and to improve your experience on the Company website.

  1. The personal information we collect from you will only be used within the scope of the purpose for which it is collected and for clearly stated purposes. The use of personal information shall be limited to the extent that it does not deviate from the purpose for which it was collected.
  2. Personal information collected is used within the scope of the declared purpose and will not be used for any other purpose or provided to any third party without the prior consent of the user. We will also take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access to or loss, falsification, or leakage of personal information.
  3. We will continuously improve our management system and the mechanisms we use to protect personal information.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

We respect your privacy and take the utmost care to protect your personal information. We will not disclose personal information obtained in connection with the use of this website to third parties without the prior consent of the user. However, we may disclose your personal information without your prior consent in the following cases.

  1. When disclosure is required by law.
  2. When the Company deems that doing so is necessary to protect the rights, interests, reputation, or credibility of the Company, other users, or other third parties.
  3. When the user has given prior approval for the disclosure of their personal information.


When handling personal information, we will appoint a personal information manager, store the collected personal information on a server with a limited number of employees possessing access rights, and take strict and appropriate precautions to protect our users’ personal information.

Changes and Notifications

We may change the content of this Privacy Policy (a basic policy concerning the protection of personal information) without prior notice. Users will not be notified when this occurs, so refer to the latest version of this page when using the site.