Rheon Solution Center

The Rheon Solution Center (located at Rheon Automatic Machinery’s head office) is a facility to solve various problems in food production together with our customers. The facility is equipped with laboratories for different purposes, including Japanese sweets, Western sweets, cooked savory foods, and breads. Here, you will find food information gathered from around the world as well as the latest technology and equipment. The facility is staffed with technical, sales, and engineering personnel, making it a one-stop shop for everything from food consultation to questions about our total engineering facility.

2nd Floor Sample Room

Foods (products) from all over the world made with our machines are collected and displayed.

2nd Floor Seminar Rooms and Business Meeting Rooms

Various types of rooms are available for different purposes. We have also prepared an environment for the new normal, such as web-based Seminar for remote locations, live streaming, and meetings conducted remotely.

Features of Our Laboratories

The first floor of the Rheon Solution Center houses various laboratories. A large number of the latest models, ranging from stand-alone machines for manufacturing sweets, bread, cooked savory foods, etc., to large lines, are installed, all of which can be viewed on one floor. Of course, the installed machines can be put into operation at any time, and can be used for a wide range of purposes, including demonstrations, customer verification tests, and various workshops

1st Floor Laboratory for Bread Production Lines

Production lines are mainly set up to make bread and pastries.

1st Floor Laboratory for Encrusting Machines, Stand-alone Bread-making Machines, Etc.

1st Floor Laboratory for Encrusting Machines, Stand-alone Bread-making Machines, Etc.

Encrusting machines, options, sandwiching lines, small bread-making machines, etc., are set up as needed to meet your needs.

Laboratory environment

Customer Test (function and quality check)

Our laboratories are fully equipped Rheon Forming machines and other equipment that allows us to perform everything from preparation to final finishing. We provide a testing environment that allows you to visualize actual production.

Seminar Held on a Regular Basis

We regularly hold Seminar for Japanese sweets, Western sweets, cooked savory foods, breads, etc. At the Seminar, we provide information to further expand applications, such as proposals for new food products using new models, and introductions of new technologies and options. In addition to face-to-face Seminar, we also offer web-based Seminar, which we hope you will find useful.