VM System

  • Bread making machine
  • Line

Rheon’s STRESS FREE VM System will not damage delicate dough. Tin Breads, Boules, Baquettes and Dinner Rolls can easily be produced on the same compact line.



A wide variety of high quality bread can be produced.

High quality bread can be produced due to no damaging to the dough. Solid material such as raisins or nuts will not be crushed. Requires no chemical additives. Bread making with unlimited formulation and unlimited process.

High portioning accuracy

VM System has weighing cut system, GRAVIMETRIC Method, therefore the dough weight at the beginning and the end of the batch remains accurate even the dough conditions changes through the processing period. Wide range of weight setting is possible from the sheet of dough.

Wide range of weight settings

【Dough thickness】
Extruding clearance can be adjusted on the operation panel.

【Dough width】
Extruding width can be changed by replacing V-Rollers (85mm, 100mm, 115mm)

Line composition