VR Line

  • Bread making machine
  • Line

The VR Line were developed to produce high-quality breads. Besides their high weighing accuracy, they are capable of beautiful rounding and shaping that produces a taut dough surface. The VR Line can handle a wide variety of dough types, allowing them to accommodate a rich variety of baking styles.



Produce dough balls with hand-made quality efficiently!

Our “VR Line” is an automatic line that handles everything from weighing and dividing to rounding for various types of bread production. It can efficiently produce dough balls of the same quality as can be achieved by hand. Produces various breads such as boule, loaf bread, roll bread, baguette, and sweet bread, etc. automatically.

Flex Divider

Dough width is adjustable. Divides the dough sheet into a square for easy molding. Divides the dough sheet without dusting flour. Divides high water absorption dough and long fermented dough without damaging the dough. Divides the dough sheet with high weight accuracy.

Punch Rounder

Punch Rounder produces hand-made quality bread like a meister. The dough is molded flawlessly into a round shape with the dough seam on the bottom. Molding strength and the amount of degassing is fully adjustable.

You can choose between the VR250 Line and the VR500 Line depending on your production volume.

【VR250 Line (single-line production)】
It can weigh, divide, and round up to 2,000 pcs./h.

【VR500 Line (double-line production)】
It can weigh, divide, and round up to 4,000 pcs./h.