FE Line

  • Bread making machine
  • Line

This bread-making line automates the same forming process used for handmade breads, such as red bean buns, cream-filled buns, and curry buns. The maximum production capacity is 2,500 pcs./h for encrusting, 2,250 pcs./h for Parker House and leaf forming, and 2,500 pcs./h for melon bun production.



Automating the entire process, from forming dough balls to producing sweet breads with fillings

This bread-making line automates the same forming process used for handmade breads, from measuring and dividing the dough to make dough balls to encrusting for red bean buns, Parker House forming for cream buns, and leaf forming for curry buns. Various kinds of molding are possible, which allows for efficient and stable production of a wide variety of breads. The FE line consists of a VR Line that automatically produces dough balls, a Rest Conveyor that allows the dough balls to rest, and a Flex Encruster (FE) that stretches the dough balls flat and wraps the filling.

The VR Line allows for stress-free dough ball formation

This bread-making line automatically performs everything from dividing to rounding with high measuring accuracy without damaging the dough. It can efficiently produce dough balls with a taut dough surface and the same quality as handmade products.

STRESS FREE technology allows the line to handle a wide variety of dough made using different methods and formulas.

The space-saving Rest Conveyor lets dough rest efficiently

Dough balls are gently brought to rest in the same condition as before using a belt conveyor system.

The operating status can be visually monitored, allowing for worry-free production control. Cleaning and maintenance are simple, allowing for hygienic use.

The Flex Encruster allows filling to be wrapped in a variety of forms

Depending on the product being made, the filling can be encrusted using three different methods: encrusting, Parker House forming, or leaf forming.

The filling depositor uses cycloid rotors to encrust the filling while preserving its flavor. In addition, two depositors can be connected, allowing two types of fillings to be encrusted at the same time.


Parker House forming

Leaf forming

Melon bun biscuit dough depositor

This can be placed at the end of the FE Line to cover the encrusted product with biscuit dough.

The cut valve overlays biscuit dough in a circular pattern, and the encruster refines the form. The biscuit dough is neatly shaped such that it encrusts around the bottom of the product. A mesh pattern is engraved at the same time.