Compact FN

  • Bread making machine
  • Unit machine

This compact encrusting system automates the encrusting process for red bean buns, curry buns, and other types of breads. Maximum production is 1,200 pcs./h, and products can weigh is 50 – 200 g.


Mechanization based on hande-made methods

The Compact FN automates the filling encrusting process for sweet buns and other products. It can automate the encrusting process for red bean buns, curry buns, and more. As the device uses a mechanical version of manual encrusting methods, production efficiency is drastically improved while maintaining the same level of quality.

Can be used in various ways to expand your product range.

Shut nozzle (optional) can stably deposit even fibrous ingredients.

Open top products can be produced by adjusting wrapping mechanism.

Place the pastry dough cut into a square shape to wrap the cream.

Place the sweet bean paste and chestnuts on the dough and encrust.

Automation of dough feeding (optional)

Dough Balls can be supplied by connecting Mini Gauge.

Dough spread flat by the Mini Gauge is automatically fed into the Compact FN. Simply place dough balls onto the machine and the rest of the process is fully automated, making it easy to form red bean buns, curry-filled buns, and other types of bread.