The new “Twin Divider (VX222)” started operations in the European market for the first time in

Panificio Mutschlechner (Italy)

In November of 2019, the first unit of the new Twin Divider (European model), a bread dough divider, was installed at Panificio Mutschlechner in the South Tyrol region of Italy. While the number of retail bakeries has been decreasing in Italy, in South Tyrol they account for approximately 50% of total bread sales, and stores compete based on their individual appeal.

Appealing to Customers through Bread

In South Tyrol, a variety of food cultures from many parts of Europe coexist due to the region’s location and history. There is also a rich variety of breads. In addition to the quintessential Italian bread Ciabatta, the company produces a wide variety of breads, including Swiss, Austrian, and German breads. The new Twin Divider supports the majority of its production.
 The owner expressed a great deal of satisfaction, saying: “Thanks to this equipment, the quality of our breads has improved. The Twin Divider cuts everything from high-water-absorption dough to well-fermented dough with ease. The weighing accuracy exceeds expectations. When I was using a different company’s divider, the weight was inconsistent, which caused problems. It’s easy to clean as well.”