• Encrusting Machine
  • Single-row model

As the Cornucopia KN500 does not damage dough and food materials, high quality products can be produced. 60 pcs./min(max.) production speed. Product Weight Range is 10 – 250g.



High quality products can be produced !

The Cornucopia KN500 does not damage dough and food materials by using newly developed [Feeding system]. Further more, encrusting suits to each product can be performed with its improved encrusting function. Besides, it can be used for the production of a variety of products such as traditional ethnic foods and new products by adding optional devices.


Easy cleaning can be done, since the Cornucopia KN500 has less number of parts and easy to dismantle.

Various forming capacities

Spherical Encrusting
Bar Shape Encrusting
Continuous Cylinder Extrusion

Weight, Length, and Encrusting Ratio are changeable as required

Weight range

10 – 250g

Encrusting ratio change

1:0 – 0:1

Length range