Set Panner

  • Encrusting Machine
  • Peripheral equipment

Automatically arranges products made by CORNUCOPIA on baking trays. Offers not only higher productivity but also deformation-free and hygienic operation without any manual contact with products.



Non-deformable and hygienic

Further space-saving compact design by combining “Panner”, automatic arranger, and “Tray Feeder”. Panning modes are selectable from Intermittent or Continuous shuttling to suit your production.

Example of Available Tray Sizes

Two different-sized trays can be used by resetting the Tray Feeder width.
KP301 : 420mm – 540mm (panning direction) x 380mm – 500mm (tray flow direction).
KP302 : 490mm – 660mm (panning direction) x 380mm – 500mm (tray flow direction).

Water-washable models are also available

Because the water-washable models allow the machine body to be washed with water, they are more hygienic to use. *Not compatible with high-pressure washers. Also, the control panel is not waterproof.

Flour-less panning leaves no residue on products.

【Water Spray Device】
Sprays water on the Set Panner conveyor.

【Releasing Agent Applying Device】
Applies solid releasing agent on the Set Panner conveyor.