Double Filling Feeder

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By attaching the “Double Filling Feeder” to the Rheon CORNUCOPIA Encrusting Machine, one more material can be added to the product creating a double filled product. Various lineups are available depending on the ingredients used for feeding, such as red beans, jam, and whipped cream.



Cycloid Feeder

It is suitable for custard and whipped cream, as well as ingredients that have some hardness, such as red beans, bun dough, and cookie dough. The cycloidal system combined with adjustments made to the feed rate of the screw and rectifier allow production to proceed without damaging the ingredients.

The maximum discharge rate is 126 kg/h, and the feed rate can be adjusted between four levels: 1:1.5, 1:2, 1:3, and 1:4.

【Compatible Ingredients】 Red beans, rice cake dough, cookie dough, jam, custard, whipped cream, and so on

Vertical Screw Feeder

This equipment is best suited for ingredients with particularly low fluidity, such as whipped cream. The ingredients are fed using a screw and small rectifier. The feed rate of the screw and rectifier can be continuously adjusted to match the physical properties of the ingredient, allowing it to be fed without sustaining damage. This is also suitable for paste-like ingredients containing jam, custard, chopped chestnuts (solids), and the like.

The maximum discharge rate is 33 kg/h, and the feed rate can be continuously adjusted from 1:1.5 to 1:3.

【Compatible Ingredients】 whipped cream, chocolate cream, jam, custard, and so on

Pump Feeder

This machine is especially suitable for feeding liquid ingredients such as sesame and other sauces. It is also suitable for paste-like ingredients including custard, jam, and so on. A large-capacity model is also available, which is suitable for paste-like fillings with chopped chestnuts and the like (granular solids).

Output is 24 kg/h.

【Compatible Ingredients】 sesame and other sauces, custard, jam