• Encrusting Machine
  • Single-row model

The CORNUCOPIA KN135 is a handy encrusting robot with its compact and washable body. Experience the wide range of production of confectioneries to prepared foods. 100 pcs./min(max.) production speed. Product Weight Range is 10 – 250g.


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High quality products can be produced !

From prepared foods to confectioneries, the CORNUCOPIA KN135 encrusting machine is applicable to wide varieties of food materials. Equipped with a new type encruster (Patent), high-quality products can be uniformly created. Large products (spherical encrusting) in the weight of 250g per piece can be produced. Besides, by adding optional devices such as the Solid Feeder and Double Filling Feeder, this machine creates a further variety of high-value-added products.

Various forming capacities

Spherical Encrusting

Bar Shape Encrusting

Continuous Cylinder Extrusion

Weight, Length, and Encrusting Ratio are changeable as required

Weight range

Encrusting ratio change

Length range